There are many benefits of using astrology
Premium Astrology Readings

Premium Astrology Readings

Maxine offers services to her astrology clients that are not generally provided by other astrologers, such as personally recording your astrology reading on video. This gives you the opportunity to watch as Maxine interprets the chart or charts used and discusses in detail the astrological dynamics. In addition, she does not impose a time limit for her readings. She spends as much time as necessary to thoroughly cover the important aspects and/or transits.

Maxine imparts more than fifty years of cumulative astrological expertise into her interpretive readings. Your reading includes the added benefit of invaluable personal access to Maxine for any related questions after you receive it and at any time during the period your reading spans.

Maxine’s readings are completed on a first come, first served basis. While she strives to get her orders filled as soon as possible, the time it takes to record your reading video is dependent upon the number of orders in front of yours. Turnaround time is typically 10 to 14 days.

Finding Your Birth Time

Without an exact birth time, Maxine cannot produce an accurate natal chart. In most cases, the birth time is listed on your birth certificate. If you do not have your original birth certificate or the time is not indicated on your copy, you can request one from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This bureau, often called the Bureau of Births and Deaths or the Bureau of Records, is maintained by the state government located in your birth state capital. Online resources are typically available for most state governments. You might also check your baby book, the family Bible or other books where precious events are traditionally recorded.

Face-To-Face Consultation via Zoom

Maxine is pleased to offer an optional, face-to-face consultation via Zoom for each of her premium astrology readings. With this option, you are able to interactively ask any questions or get clarification from Maxine during the reading as it is being recorded in real-time. This private consultation option is an additional $100, since it may increase the duration of the reading by an hour or more depending on your questions.

Your celestial uniqueness

The Birth Chart Interpretation

The energies you bring into this life are revealed in the celestial fingerprint that is your birth chart, which is unique to you. The birth chart is the story of your life, the game plan you follow. It tells you all about yourself and your potential in all areas: love, family and relationships, health, career, finances, etc. It shines a light on your core values, what you are passionate about and your approach to education, travel and spirituality. It describes your strengths and abilities in each of these areas and the natal aspects that challenge them. Your birth chart is a colorful mosaic of all the fascinating pieces that come together to form your basic nature.

From the moment of your birth, the energies reflected in your chart serve to keep you on a certain course. It’s destiny to a degree, but you have the free will to work with these forces to express yourself at your highest and best level. Knowing your birth chart means knowing you and this can empower you to create opportunities and events in your life with conscious intent, rather than by subconscious default.

Because of Maxine’s empathy, she doesn’t just read your birth chart, she reads you, supportively, positively and non-judgmentally. She sees your potential and encourages you to express it. She is also able to read the hidden messages you received as a child that have created limiting beliefs. Once you recognize them, you can change them and live your life with more freedom.

Maxine validates what you have always known deep within about yourself: that you are wonderful just as you are. This invaluable information is key in providing you with the confidence to step forward and express your true self.

Video Reading Only: $300
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $400

Your Golden Compass

The Forecast

Whereas your birth chart is your celestial fingerprint, your astrological forecast can be thought of as your cosmic roadmap. Your forecast reveals how the natal energies in your birth chart may react with the catalytic energies of the orbiting planets during certain periods. These “trigger aspects” can have a harmonious effect in some areas of your life, allowing you to seemingly move forward with ease in achieving your goals.

Conversely, certain transits and their aspects may appear to create headwinds or resistance for you and your efforts. Regardless of their inclinations, being aware of these upcoming influences or trends prepares you in advance so that you may plan accordingly.

Whether it’s love or relationships that are most important to you, or your health, career, finances, or any other area of your life, a forecast equips you with a “golden compass” to help you navigate your journey.

Six Month Forecast

Video Reading Only: $175
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $275

Twelve Month Forecast

Video Reading Only: $300
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $400

Synergistic energies

The Birth Chart Interpretation and Forecast

The birth chart and forecast can be purchased together and complement each other well. The birth chart tells you all about yourself and your potential in all areas of life, while the forecast focuses on the influences and trends you will experience during a period of time. The synergy of the two not only provide you with a complete picture, but a wonderful resource for you to use to tap into the full potential of the upcoming months. This knowledge allows you to be in sync with the dynamic energies of the planetary influences in your life. Working with the natural flow of this cosmic energy gives you the ability to more easily create the things you desire.

For a more detailed look at each individual reading, refer to the descriptions written above.

The Birth Chart Interpretation
& Six Month Forecast

Video Reading Only: $425
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $525

The Birth Chart Interpretation
& Twelve Month Forecast

Video Reading Only: $550
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $650

Love, romance and the stars

The Chart Comparison

Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an instant, magnetic connection? And after getting to know this person did you realize you shared similar traits, such as your wit or sense of humor? Perhaps you both had the same interests or shared some of the same experiences? Did this person become an integral part of your world as a lifelong friend, or a partner in love or business? If so, these mysterious and connective “ties that bind” are reflected in your two charts when compared to one another.

All too often, people become caught up in the romantic notion of soul mates. In reality, a soul mate relationship can be any relationship that has a significant impact on you or the events in your life. These karmic relationships express themselves in many ways, from harmonious and loving to adversarial and combative. The people involved may be your family members or friends, or someone with whom you’re involved with in a lengthy legal dispute. They may just be here for “a reason or a season”, but the connections are often intense and leave a lasting impression. One that can stay with you throughout your life.

A chart comparison is an invaluable tool in understanding the dynamics of any relationship, whether it’s family, friend or foe. It illustrates the bonding aspects that each of you feel, as well as those that test their strength. With her insight and intuition, Maxine connects the celestial dots to create the picture of how you and the other person interact and react to one another. What it is that makes you feel the way you do about him or her, and vice versa. She is also able to reveal the childhood programming for each of you in the charts and includes this information in the reading. The chart comparison gives you a very clear understanding of you, the other person and the relationship between you.

A chart comparison can be done for you and a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone for whom you have the birth information. Maxine can also compare your chart with a business, organization, city or country.

Video Reading Only: $450
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $550

Timing is everything

The Event Chart

Would you like to know the ideal moment in time to get married, to open a business, or to move into a new home? An event chart can give you that information.

Timing is everything. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of the most beneficial time to start your new enterprise, whether it involves matters of the heart or your check book. After you and Maxine talk and get clear on what you want and the time frame for which you are planning, she will cast multiple charts until she comes up with the right one that gives you the absolute best time to start your new venture.

Video Reading Only: $300
Face-to-Face Consultation (via Zoom): $400