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In response to requests from her clients and YouTube channel subscribers, Maxine is offering a series of one-hour interactive astrology webinars on three tiers: Foundation, Interpretation and Forecasting.

In these webinars, Maxine will share her 50 years of cumulative astrological expertise in the field as a professional astrologer. She draws on her strengths as a teacher and author to simplify the learning process to teach you that astrology, when applied, is an invaluable and practical resource available to you for everyday living.

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The Building Blocks

In order to begin your study of astrology, it is vital that you not only know the meanings of the signs and the planets that rule them, but that you are able to recognize and write their symbols. This is what Maxine will cover in her Foundation Webinar Series.

Each session will be recorded on video and the download link emailed to everyone who orders it, whether they attend the live session or not. If you are unable to attend the live session and are watching it on video, please feel free to send Maxine your questions. She will answer them during the next session.

In order to make the live sessions available to the largest number of participants, Maxine has varied the starting times. After each session concludes, Maxine will answer any questions in the webinar chat room.

A Personalized Experience

Maxine would like to help you read your own chart as well as the chart of a loved one. Once you have signed up for your first session, please send her your birth data and the birth data of a close friend or family member using the astrology reading form and she will email you copies of those charts.

The Foundation Webinar Series online sessions have ended.
You may purchase the video recordings by using the buttons below.

The price for each video is $50.

You may know what makes your own sign tick, but how about the other eleven signs? Would you like a better understanding of your child, your mother-in-law or that difficult co-worker?

In the 1st session, Maxine will describe each of the twelve signs of the zodiac – their traits, their talents and what makes them unique and different from all the other signs. She will show you how to recognize and write the symbol for each sign. In addition, she will explain the qualities of the cardinal, fixed and mutable signs, and the fire, earth, air and water signs.

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Do you know which planet rules your sign? Do you know which planet is ruler of your chart? Did you know that when a planet is in its own sign it is stronger than in any other? It is.

Did you know that some signs have two ruling planets? They do – and they function differently in each.

In session 2, Maxine describes how the planets operate in the signs they rule and how to write the symbol for each. And she shows you how to find your chart ruler!

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Which do you think is most important: the house a planet is in, the sign a planet is in, or the aspects it makes to other planets? If you said the house placement, you would be right.

The planet is the principle to be learned, the house is where it operates, the sign is how it expresses, and the aspects it makes to the other planets indicate if it is helped or hindered in its expression.

In the 3rd session, Maxine describes the 12 houses of the natal chart and shows you how everyone in your life can be seen in your chart!

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Interpretation Webinar Series

Let's interpret it!

It’s All In The Interpretation

Because there is so much information Maxine wants to share with you about chart interpretation, these sessions will continue every week until the group feels ready to move on to the Forecasting Webinar Sessions. This will happen naturally.

Now that you know the meaning of the signs and the planets, it’s time to apply them to your own birth chart. This is where it gets exciting!

Four sessions have been scheduled, but more may be added if necessary.

Each session will be recorded on video and the download link emailed to everyone who orders it, whether they attend the live session or not. If you are unable to attend the live session and are watching it on video, please feel free to send Maxine your questions. She will answer them during the next session.

Maxine will begin this session with a description of each of the 12 houses. She will share with you a technique that astrologers use to see everyone in your life in your own birth chart! You will be amazed as you see your parents, children, grandchildren and spouses through new eyes! This technique is called Charts Within Charts. She will then show you an easy way to understand each Sun sign.

This online session has ended. You may purchase the video recording for $50 by using the button below.

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Session 2

Date: Thursday, October 17
Time: 11:30 AM EDT
Duration: 1 hour + Q&A

Since the house placement of the planets in the birth chart is the most important step in chart interpretation, Maxine will describe the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in each of the houses. Be sure to have your chart in front of you as she circles the zodiac and helps you see the innate talents and abilities you brought to this planet, as well as your own personal childhood programming.

Price: $50

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Session 3

Date: Tuesday, October 22
Time: 12:00 PM EDT (Noon)
Duration: 1 hour + Q&A

In this session, Maxine will continue where she left off in Session #2 and describe what is called the heavy planets; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus the Nodes of the Moon and the Vertex/Anti-Vertex in the houses. She will help you recognize what you and your entire karmic group brought to this planet. This will give you even greater insight into yourself and your purpose.

Price: $50

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Session 4

Date: Wednesday, October 30
Time: 1:45 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour + Q&A

Next in importance in chart interpretation is the sign placement of each planet. Just as the Sun expresses differently in each sign, so do the planets. For example, is your natal Venus, the planet of love, in practical, loyal Capricorn; in curious, variety-loving Gemini, or in deeply intense, passionate Scorpio? Maxine will tie the sign placement in with the house placement of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. She will complete this subject in the next video.

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Reading Form Instructions

After you have purchased your Interpretation Webinar sessions, please fill out an astrology reading form and send it to Maxine.

Select Interpretation Webinar in the reading selection options at the top of the form. Then, fill in your birth data, as well as the birth info for the second individual (chart to be used in class). These charts will be emailed to you before your first session.

Reading Form
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Companion Guide

While not a requirement, Maxine recommends that you purchase her book, NOW That I’ve Cast It, WHAT Do I Do With It? This book includes information covered in the astrology webinar sessions and contains a wealth of information on the basics of chart interpretation. You may purchase a paperback or Kindle version directly from Amazon.

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Dates & times TBD

Once you are able to interpret the birth chart, you are ready to learn how to forecast it. Maxine will teach you how to read transits, secondary progressions, solar return charts, elective charts and composite charts. She will also share her favorite predictive tool: the diurnal chart.

Maxine on YouTube

Maxine’s popular YouTube channel features videos of horoscope forecasts, astrology courses, current events, celebrities in the news and personal interviews.

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Learn More About Maxine

The Starlit History of Maxine Taylor

A former beauty queen whose smile still shines today, Maxine has a stellar reputation in the field of astrology. Her tireless efforts with Georgia legislators to legitimize astrology resulted in its legalization in Atlanta in 1970. Since this history making triumph, Maxine’s list of outstanding achievements has grown considerably. She has published several books, given talks, taught astrology and much more over a career spanning several decades.

No stranger to international media, Maxine has been featured in distinguished professional publications and has had numerous appearances on radio and television, most notably as CNN’s original on-air astrologer and as a guest on The Larry King Show.

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Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings

So you kissed the frog and you’re still waiting for him to change into a prince? Worse, has your time with him caused you to transform into a frog as well?!

Maxine’s chart comparison is a great way to determine if your frog will ever be the prince you desire. This reading illustrates the strengths and weaknesses, warts and all, of any relationship. Visit the astrology readings page for more information on this and Maxine’s other readings.

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Monthly Full Moon Ceremony

Everyone is invited to Maxine’s free monthly Full Moon Ceremony at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta! This powerful, magical ceremony is uplifting and transformative.

Each person brings a list of what they would like to create for themselves, and the ceremony begins with the burning of these lists. It concludes with a Star Matrix session, Maxine’s own unique healing modality. As she walks around the circle, Maxine is given a mantra for each participant, which she then shares with the entire group.

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