Secrets from the Womb

Maxine’s Powerful Three-Step Pact Session

Based on Maxine’s latest book, Secrets from the Womb: The Hidden Pact that Runs Your Life

Maxine is now sharing her most recent, self-empowerment technique with those of you who are ready to let go of your life-story and the Pact that has run your life, and replace them with the Truth of who you are. The power and speed of this simple, three-step process cannot be overstated.

The Three Steps

  • Step One
    Medical science has discovered that when we are in utero, we are literally part of our mother’s body. We are one with her. Her blood becomes our blood; her beliefs, our beliefs; her thoughts, our thoughts; her fears, our fears, etc. We are literally one body. So, by the time we are born, we are already programmed. Even after we are born, that connection remains. As a result, it is easy to tap into this connection, move back into the womb and view it with the eyes of an adult. And it is eye-opening! This is the first step.
  • Step Two
    Once we have the eyes to see, the pieces of our lives fall into place and we immediately understand why things happened the way they did. It is at this point that Maxine helps you get clarity on the Pact you made with your mother – the Pact that runs your life. It is stronger than a promise or a commitment, so when you let it go, it is common to experience great joy, love and freedom.
  • Step Three
    This step deals with the lie that we are bad, i.e., the Bad Message. We got this when, as three-year-olds (girls) or six-year-olds (boys), we stepped out on our own and, in our mother’s eyes, broke our Pact with her. This Bad Message can still stop us in our tracks to this day whenever we try to move forward. During this step Maxine helps you see that not only were you not bad, but that, in fact, you were good!

The Basic Pact Session

In this recorded face-to-face Zoom session, Maxine leads you through all three steps. She doesn’t time this session since its length varies from person to person. Price: $500

The Deluxe Pact Session

In this recorded face-to-face Zoom session, Maxine leads you through all three steps. In addition, she includes two follow up, face-to-face zoom sessions designed to show you how to use this method in everyday life. Price: $800

Premium Astrology Readings

Premium Astrology Readings

Maxine offers a select menu of personal astrology readings that she records on video for her clients. Q&As for the time frame the reading covers are included as part of this premium service.

  • The Birth Chart Interpretation is a wonderful way to gain personal insight about yourself on a deeper level; your basic nature, your drive, your passion and your unique talents & abilities.

  • The Forecast comes into play when you want to know the upcoming trends, so that you may plan accordingly. This reading provides you with the advantage of knowing in advance what’s coming your way based on the planetary transits.

  • When your birth chart is compared to another chart, as in the Chart Comparison, the two charts together illustrate the synergies, complexities and truths of the relationship.

  • Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, an Event Chart pinpoints the most opportune date & time to take action. Maxine has provided event charts for all types of occasions, such as selecting dates for finalizing a contract, planning a party or getting married.

Blue*Star Astrology Reports

Blue*Star Astrology Reports

Blue*Star Astrology Reports is a budget-friendly report service Maxine offers to her website visitors. These colorful interpretative reports provide an alternative for those without the resources to purchase a premium astrology reading at this time. There is a 10% discount on the total if both reports are purchased together. Samples of each are available to download on the reports page.

Maxine on YouTube

Maxine’s popular and growing YouTube channel features videos of horoscope forecasts, astrology courses, current events, celebrities in the news and personal interviews.

The most recent videos of Maxine’s monthly Astrology Overviews and Full Moon Ceremonies are published to her channel, as well as being included on her website home page. Please visit Maxine’s YouTube channel for your monthly horoscope.

Learn More About Maxine

The Starlit History of Maxine Taylor

A former beauty queen whose smile still shines today, Maxine has a stellar reputation in the field of astrology. Her tireless efforts with Georgia legislators to legitimize astrology resulted in its legalization in Atlanta in 1970. Since this history making triumph, Maxine’s list of outstanding achievements has grown considerably. She has published several books, given talks, taught astrology and much more over a career spanning several decades. One of Maxine’s most notable achievements was being CNN’s original, recurring on-air astrologer.