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Maxine has been instrumental in helping people from all walks of life find happiness and personal fulfillment for over 50 years.

Incorporating a combination of astrology, energy healing and a profound understanding of human nature, she works with her clients individually or in group workshops to elevate their perspective, see other options and heal their issues.

Maxine has observed that what most people want is to be heard, be seen, be validated, be respected and, most of all, be loved. However, they are often sabotaged by their own limiting thoughts, beliefs and subconscious patterns.

Maxine’s specialty is assisting her clients to uncover this destructive programming and replace it with a positive, life-affirming program.

In addition to working with her clients as a spiritual coach, Maxine is an ordained, trans-denominational minister. She has conducted sacred ceremonies, weddings and funerals for people of all beliefs.

If you are interested in working with Maxine or attending one of her numerous workshops, please contact her. There is also a link on the contact page for her newsletter sign-up form, which will add your name to the distribution list to receive notifications of upcoming events and workshops.


Maxine Taylor’s
Take Back Your Life Class

Offered online in a Personal,
One-on-One Session

What if you were able to not only identify your biggest blocks to happiness and success, but were able to release them and move beyond them?

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Be happy in spite of your circumstances
  • Be self-confident in all situations
  • Free yourself from being controlled
  • End worrying about what others think of you
  • Express your own unique talents and abilities
  • Live your truth
  • Replace your current life story with a new one
  • Express your Life’s Mission
  • Love and appreciate yourself
My Take Back Your Life Class can help you achieve all this. In just 3 hours, I will share the secrets I have learned from decades of study, research and training. My method is fast, simple and loving.

If you are ready to express your greatest potential, if you are ready for a quantum leap forward, contact me to sign up for my Take Back Your Life Class.

Price: $275

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Finding The Blue Bird Of Happiness

Blue Bird of Happiness

We all have a life mission. It is our reason for being here.

Discovering your mission is thrilling and life-transforming. It is the door that allows you to move into a new life. Once you know what your mission is, you will resonate with it on such a deep level that there is no way you cannot express it.

Your mission has been hidden from your conscious mind, and yet, because it is so much a part of you, you have already been expressing it. All you have to do is bring it to consciousness, and it will come alive. You will come alive.

Your Life Mission Session with me takes place online with both of us on screen. I video our session and send it to you. If your computer doesn’t have a video camera, we can get together by phone.

During the session, I ask you a few simple, yet powerful, questions. Then I listen closely to your answers because you will actually verbalize your mission. All I have to do is listen for it and repeat it to you.

I look forward to helping you discover your thrilling Life Mission!

Price: $100

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