BlueStar Astrology Reports

Blue*Star Astrology Reports

Blue*Star Astrology Reports is a new service to supplement Maxine’s suite of premium astrology readings and services. These beautifully designed and detailed reports provide an affordable alternative to those who seek astrological guidance, but whose finances may be limited due to economic conditions or other reasons.

Blue*Star Astrology Reports are computer-generated and not intended to replace Maxine‚Äôs personalized, interpretative video readings. As such, they don’t include any astrological Q&As with Maxine. The decision to offer these reports was guided by Maxine’s wish to include services for a broader spectrum of her website visitors. Essentially, she wants to provide an option for almost everyone.

With this launch, Maxine has chosen to offer report options for a birth chart interpretation or a three month forecast. A sample of each report is included in the descriptions below.

Finding Your Birth Time

Without an exact birth time, Maxine cannot produce an accurate natal chart. In most cases, the birth time is listed on your birth certificate. If you do not have your original birth certificate or the time is not indicated on your copy, you can request one from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This bureau, often called the Bureau of Births and Deaths or the Bureau of Records, is maintained by the state government located in your birth state capital. Online resources are typically available for most state governments. You might also check your baby book, the family Bible or other books where precious events are traditionally recorded.

About Blue*Star

Blue*Star report interpretations were written by Michael Erlewine, an accomplished astrological expert in his own right. Michael has published more than forty books on astrology and was the first programmer to have created astrology programs for personal computers and made them available to the astrological community. Maxine and Michael are professional acquaintances within this community.

AstroTalk Astrological Profile Sample

Astro*Talk Astrological Profile

The Astro*Talk Astrological Profile is a birth (natal) chart interpretation that gives you a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand, step-by-step interpretation of your birth chart. This popular report guides you on an inward tour, uncovering the personal talents, skills and potentials that are uniquely yours. Includes the birth chart with aspect and planet grids.

Approx 35 to 40 pages. Q&As with Maxine are not included.

Price: $20

TimeLine Forecasting Report Sample

TimeLine Forecasting Report

The TimeLine Forecasting Report is a very detailed, comprehensive forecasting report that incorporates several techniques commonly used by astrologers. This three month, often day-to-day, report helps you to plan your weeks in advance to take advantage of the dynamic planetary influences in your chart. Includes the birth chart with the planet grid.

Approx 25 to 35 pages. Q&As with Maxine are not included.

Price: $20

Save 10%

Buy Both Reports and Save 10%

Purchase the Astro*Talk Astrological Profile and TimeLine Forecasting Report together and save 10%. These two reports complement one another nicely and provide a complete picture.

Price: $40 $36