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Your First Sexual Imprinting

Your First Sexual Imprinting

And a Method for Releasing Old Emotional Trauma

by Maxine Taylor

Throughout the span of her career, Maxine Taylor has listened as women have shared traumatic stories of a sexual nature that occurred early in their lives. These events shaped their beliefs about sex, self-respect and body image, and often manifested in feelings of shame, embarrassment and humiliation later in life.

With a powerfully effective method she developed over time, Maxine helped the women in these stories to identify and liberate themselves from counterproductive patterns resulting from the emotionally scarring experiences. Long held limiting beliefs or illusions they had about themselves were released and replaced by positive, life-affirming thought processes. As a result, these women transformed their own self-concepts, which empower them to be more confident, happy and successful in all areas of life.

Format: Perfect-bound, 140 pages.

Hidden Messages in your Birth Chart

Hidden Messages in your Birth Chart

by Maxine Taylor

From early adulthood and onward, Maxine has always been passionate about understanding the power of childhood programming as expressed in our adult lives. The ability to recognize detrimental behavioral patterns as a result of these subconscious messages became a paramount aspect of her life’s work. As Maxine’s study of astrology progressed and her astrological practice matured, she came to the realization that these “hidden” messages are actually indicated in an individual’s birth chart. Hidden Messages, published in 1982 by the American Federation of Astrologers, was Maxine’s initial foray into publishing her findings on this intriguing subject.

As a result of numerous client readings and sessions throughout the years, Maxine’s subject matter expertise on recognizing childhood programming in the natal chart has greatly increased. Hidden Messages in your Birth Chart is not merely an updated version of Hidden Messages, but the culmination of Maxine’s lengthy love affair with the inner workings of human behavior and its connection to astrology. In her book, Maxine explains how to interpret the hidden messages that were passed on to you from your mother, father and family matriarch. She also covers the powerful messages you received from the “should” and “ought to” authority figures who represent your ancestors, your heritage and your culture.

Hidden Messages in your Birth Chart will provide you with a profound new perspective on how to use your birth chart on a much deeper level. Once you recognize any undesirable subconscious patterns that may be sabotaging your happiness or success, you have the ability to liberate yourself from them and experience a newfound sense of freedom.

Format: Perfect-bound, 178 pages.

Move Into The Magic

Move Into The Magic

A Guide to Discovering Your Life’s Mission

by Maxine Taylor

If you are ready to be transformed, this book is designed to help you do just that. Maybe you have been reading self help books and searching for answers for years. Many of these books are quite good. I have read them myself. Each one gave me a piece of the puzzle.

What makes this book unique is that it gives you the whole picture. It shows you the cause of your life’s story and the blocks that arise from it, and gives you the solution. It takes you from birth to the present and shows you, step by step, how to identify and let go of the commitments that have run your life. In addition, it gives you a technique to rewrite your life the way you want it to be. This is empowering.

Once you have let go of your story, you are ready for what you have been looking for: why you came here to planet Earth. Many people sense they have a mission, something larger than what they can verbalize or define. They do. So do you. Your mission is your destiny. This book will help you discover it.

If you are ready for this book, you are ready to change your entire outlook, your entire life. You are ready to know who you really are, how unique and wonderful you are, what your mission is, what has been holding you back and how to end it. Most of all, if you are ready for this book, you are ready to move into the Magic—the Magic that is you. Welcome to your own personal adventure!

Format: Perfect-bound, 158 pages.

Now That I've Cast It, What Do I Do With It

NOW That I’ve Cast It,
WHAT Do I Do With It?

by Maxine Taylor

When I wrote this easy-to-understand book in 1975, it was an immediate success. I have updated it, reprinted it and made it available once again.

NOW That I’ve Cast It, WHAT Do I Do With It? takes the mystery out of chart interpretation by simplifying it. Rather than using someone else’s ideas, this book shows you how to use your own mind to logically interpret a chart.

NOW That I’ve Cast It, WHAT Do I Do With It? helps you interpret the signs on the cusps of the houses, the planets in the houses, the planets in the signs, and the aspects between the planets and angles. By using my step-by-step Basic Sentence approach to chart interpretation, you will be able to understand, rather than simply memorize, the principles that the planets, signs and houses represent. I also introduce the little-known concept of “roving delegates”.

This book contains a wealth of information on the basics of chart interpretation, and is a must for beginners. It teaches you to quickly develop confidence in your own ability to interpret a chart.

Most importantly, NOW That I’ve Cast It, WHAT Do I Do With It? allows the astrologer within you to express itself.
Format: Perfect-bound, 126 pages.

The Earthbound Trilogy


by Maxine Taylor

  • Jackson, Book 1, is the story of a galactic being who comes to Earth with a mission that affects not only this planet, but our galactic neighbors as well. Shortly before his arrival, he discovers a conspiracy that could destroy life as we know it. However, he must first acclimate to his new life as a walk-in living in an earthbound body before he can take on the incredible challenge of fulfilling his mission.
  • XAM, Book 2, picks up where Book 1 ends. It is the story of a hybrid extraterrestrial who responds to Jackson’s call for help to keep space free from nuclear weapons. First, however, he must help Jackson disentangle himself from his ex-wife and his former life.
  • Book 3 is the culmination of Books 1 and 2. It is the story of another galactic being who walks into the body of Khalilah, an international supermodel. On a trip to Phoenix, she meets and is completely drawn to Jackson and XAM, with whom she shares the same vision for our planet. She uses her celebrity status to create a major event that brings about a New Earth of peace and love. In turn, she finds the love she’s always wanted.

Format: Ebook for Kindle, 292 pages.