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Birth Chart Offer

Due to overwhelming demand, Maxine is no longer providing free birth charts to her website visitors or viewers of her videos. Instead, she is offering birth charts for $5.00 each and including a free cheatsheet as a key for the symbols used in the chart. This offer does not include an interpretation/reading of the chart, or answering any astrological questions. The answers to client questions are included as part of Maxine’s reading services, so please refer to the Astrology Readings page if you are interested in purchasing a birth chart interpretation or other reading.

Sample Birth Chart

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Add the birth chart to the Paypal cart using the button below and then checkout to complete your order. After your purchase is complete, Paypal should redirect you back to this page. Please fill out the reading form below and submit it to Maxine with your birth data: month, day, year, city, state, country and exact time of birth. Be sure to place a checkmark next to Birth Chart Only.

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