Full Moon Ceremony

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Full Moon Ceremony

I am nominating Maxine Taylor for my Woman Crush Wednesday. I met her during her Full Moon Ceremony in Atlanta, GA, in December of 2012. It was the first time I felt energy surge through me, and the first circle I ever attended.

She is Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. I follow her on YouTube and encourage anyone in Atlanta to attend her ceremonies.

– Rose Correa, Psychic Coach

Everyone is invited to Maxine’s free monthly Full Moon Ceremony at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta. This powerful, magical ceremony is uplifting and transformative.

Each person brings a list of what they would like to create for themselves, and the ceremony begins with the burning of these lists. It concludes with a Star Matrix session, Maxine’s own unique healing modality. As she walks around the circle, Maxine is given a mantra for each participant, which she then shares with the entire group.

If you live outside the Atlanta area, please join these ceremonies energetically from wherever you are.

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